List of Classification Subdivisions

The following table describes the pre-defined subdivisions in Classification Web. The subdivisions were created by running a query against the classification number index. If you need to run any of these queries yourself, you can do so with the basic screen, using boolean mode and with the Exact Match option turned on. Remember that the qualifiers must be in double quotes when using boolean mode. For example the query for KJ-KKZ would be input like this:

 Input Field   Input Value 
 Classification number (>= "KJ" and < "KJU") or (>= "KKE" and < "KL") 

The classification database contains two types of data records: schedules and tables. To create the subdivisions, the same query is run in both schedules and tables with only two exceptions. For both K (law) and P (Linguistics and Literature), the classification tables are not subdivided any further than K and P, respectively. Instead of multiple K and P table subdivisions, there is only a single K table subdivision (its query is "K*")and a single P table subdivision (its query is "P*").

ClassWeb Subdivisions

A General Works A*
B-BJ Philosophy, Psychology >= B and < BL
BL-BQ Religion (General). Hinduism. Judaism. Islam. Buddhism >= BL and < BR
BR-BX Christianity, Bible >= BR and < C
C Auxiliary Science of History C*
D-DR History (General); History of Europe >= D and < DS
DS-DX History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc. >= DS and < E
E-F History: America >= E and < G
G Geography. Maps. Anthropology. Recreation G*
H Social Sciences H*
J Political Science J*
K1-7720 Law - General >= K and < KA
KB Law - Religious KB*
KD Law - United Kingdom and Ireland >= KD and < KDZ
KDZ, KG-KH Law - Americas and Latin America KDZ* or KG* or KH*
KE Law - Canada KE*
KF Law - United States KF*
KJ-KKZ Law - Europe (>= KJ and < KJU) or (>= KKE and < KL)
KJV-KJW Law - France >= KJV and < KJX
KK-KKC Law - Germany >= KK and < KKD
KL-KWX Law - Asia, Africa, Pacific Area, Antarctica >= KL and < KZ
KZ Law of Nations KZ*
L Education L*
M Music M*
N Fine Arts N*
P-PA Philology and Linguistics (General). Greek Language and Literature. Latin Language and Literature >= P and < PB
PB-PH Modern European Languages >= P and < PI
PJ-PK Oriental Philology and Literature, Indo-Iranian Philology and Literature >= PJ and < PL
PL-PM Languages of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania. Hyperborean, Indian, and Artificial Languages >= PL and < PN
PN Literature (General) PN*
PQ French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese Literature PQ*
PR-PS, PZ English and American Literature. Fiction in English PR* or PS* or PZ*
PT German, Dutch, and Scandinavian Literature PT*
Q Science Q*
R Medicine R*
S Agriculture S*
T Technology T*
U-V Military Science. Naval Science U* or V*
Z Bibliography and Library Science Z*

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