Getting Started with User Management

The User Management system gives system administrators control over who can log into ClassWeb and what those users can do once they are logged in (for example, whether this person can create and update local notes and whether they can maintain user accounts).  This information is kept in user account records.  These records also contain end user preferences like how many records to return on each page.  When you create or edit a user record, you will be able to modify all of the information associated with a particular account.  Not only does this help you manage the use of ClassWeb but you can also assist users when they have problems with their preferences.

All user management functions can be reached from the Account Management Menu .  The two main choices are for starting a new subscription (creating a new account) and for finding an existing subscription or account.  Once you have located an existing account, you can update the record and perform additional functions like disabling and enabling the account, renewing and cancelling a subscription and sending via e-mail, the account information to the user.  Please note that "account" and "subscription" are used interchangably in the user management system.

For a general information about web browser requirements when using ClassWeb, please refer to the following help page:

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