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The ClassWeb user account display shows one user account record at a time.  There are navigation buttons along the top of the page to move from record to record and to perform the following actions on the current record: edit, renew, cancel, disable, enable, resend and repeat.  There is also a button to create new user accounts.

User records have two functions: most importantly, they determine who can log into ClassWeb and what the user will be able to do once they are logged in (for example, can this person create and update local notes); and secondly, the record contains end user preferences like how many records to return on each page.

In some cases a single account will be used only by one person.  In other cases, an account may be shared by many people.  The number of people that can log in at the same time is determined by the account type (which will be described below).  The in-house LC version of Minaret does not work on a subscription basis and so, any subscription features described here only apply to the CDS version of ClassWeb.  There are three user fields specific to the CDS version of ClassWeb: the start date for the subscription, the expiration date for the subscription and the number of users that are allowed to log in under this account at the same time.  These fields are all described below.

To display a user account, click on the Search for an Active or Expired Account link on the Account Management Menu and locate the account you want to display.  For more information on searching for an account, click here.

The search screen displays each account along with a brief summary of its contents.  The user name field of each account is a link that display the entire account record in a separate window.

Each user account display consists of two sections.  They are, from top to bottom:

Navigation and Command Buttons
Some of the following buttons may not be displayed on your screen.   If not, it means that your login account does not have permission to access that function.

When moving from record to record with the navigation buttons, the order that the records are returned in depends on what you had been doing on the user search screen.  If you had run a query (by inputting your criteria and clicking on et Search), the records will not be in any particular order in the user record display since query results are not sorted.  More often, you will be inputting a value into one of the data entry fields on the search screen and clicking on the appropriate Browse button.  The Browse button you click on will select which index you are browsing.  This controls the order the records are displayed in both the search screen and the record display screen.

Every record display window you launch from the user account search screen is independent of any other user record display windows that may also be open.  In addition, although the search screen that launches a record display affects the order the records are displayed in, the launching window has no further control over the new window after it has opened.  As a result, each window can have a different sorting order and the sorting order cannot be changed after a record display window is open.
The record display screen supports the following commands:
Button Action
|< Returns the first account record in index order.
< Returns the previous account record in index order.
> Returns the next account record in index order.
>| Returns the last account record in index order.
Edit Allows you to edit this account record.
Renew Renews a subscription for this account.
Cancel Cancels a subscription for this account.
Disable Disables an account.
Enable Enables an account.
Resend Resends the account information to all contacts for this account via email.
New Starts a new account record for you to fill in.
Repeat Copies the current account record and returns an editable version of the new record .  Use this option for cases where a new user record is extremely similar to an existing one.
Delete Deletes the current account record from the database.  This button is only displayed if you are logged in as "minaret".
Search Displays the user account search screen in a separate window.  From there you can search the user records by various criteria.
Logout Logs you out of ClassWeb.
Close Closes the current window.  In cases where the software has opened a new window for you (like when you click on the Search button), you can close the window by clicking on this button.  If the software is not able to close the window because it was opened by hand, the main user account menu is displayed instead.
Menu Returns you to the main user account menu.
Help Displays on-line help in a separate window.

User Account Record
The first line after the command buttons at the top of the screen reminds you that this is a user account record.  It is followed the index key value for this record in square brackets (unless you are displaying the results of a query).  The index key value will be one of the fields from the user record, depending on which index you are browsing.  For example, if you are browsing user accounts by e-mail address, the key value will be an e-mail address from the current record.

Following this first line are all of the fields from the user record, broken out into four sections, which are: Basic Information, Options, Advanced and History.  These are all described here.

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