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ClassWeb payment reports are generated daily for a twenty-four hour period that spans from midnight to midnight Eastern Time. They summarize credit card payment attempts by users who are renewing their subscriptions. These reports can be used to reconcile the payment information that is received from For best results, the ClassWeb reports and the reports should be using the same time frame (i.e. midnight to midnight) and the same time zone (Eastern Time).

How Payments are Made
  1. When a user account has less than 90 days remaining in a subscription, their preferences page will include a Renew subscription button.
  2. When a user click's on this button, they are given an order form that allows them to select the subscription level (number of concurrent users) that will go into effect when the account renews. This drop-down list includes pricing so the user knows how much their renewal costs and so the price can be forwarded to
  3. If they proceed with the renewal, the user is forwarded to the web site. The user cannot change the payment amount that is sent to After the user successfully charges their credit card or not, the transaction status is returned to the ClassWeb server and the user is forwarded back to the ClassWeb web site.
  4. For all successful payment transactions, the user's expiration date is automatically extended by one year by the ClassWeb server and if the new subscription level is different from the existing level, that information is recorded and the account type is updated on the start date of the new subscription.

The ClassWeb payment report gives a summary of the results for a particular day as well as line-item details for all sucessful credit card payments. When a user is forwarded to the site they can make anywhere from one to four attempts to submit their credit card information (they can also use different cards in each attempt). After four declined attempts, the user is automatically sent back to the ClasWeb server. The payment report only counts the final outcome of the user's session with The most common results are:

Abandoned A user started an order in ClassWeb but never proceeded to the web site to complete the purchase.
Approved A successful credit card payment. Note that even though the customer may have made up to three declined attempts in the same session, those failed attempts will be ignored in the report.
Canceled A user canceled out of the web site before making any payment attempts.
Declined A user made one or more declined credit card submissions.

There are also some less common results that are are indicative of system problems:

Error An error occurred during the payment process. The individual errors are listed in the Transaction Errors section of the report.
Incomplete did not notify the ClassWeb server about the outcome of a payment attempt (highly unlikely, see below).
Unexpected The transaction "status" field contains a value was was not programmed for in the report (should never happen). These transactions will be printed in the Problems Running This Report section of the report.
Report Sections
The report is divided into sections which are only printed if they contain data. Possible sections include:
Report Totals
This section of the report provides summary statistics for each type of transaction and the total amount of money that should have been reported by for this time period.

Approved Transactions
This section contains one line for each successful credit card payment. The fields are:
Payment ID ClassWeb transaction ID
User Name ClassWeb user name
Cust # CDS customer number
Account Type ClassWeb subscription type (number of simultaneous users) ID transaction ID
Date Transaction date
Amount Transaction amount
CC # Last four digits of the credit card number
Approval Approval code
Incomplete Transactions
Incomplete transactions should generally never occur. They indicate that started to process a credit card payment but never contacted the ClassWeb server with the final results. If did successfully charge the customer's credit card for this transaction, their account expiration date and account type will not have been updated to reflect the payment. Check the financial report to insure all payments have been properly applied.

Transaction Errors
A list of any errors that occurred when processing payment transactions. These should be rare. However, if someone with the ability to manage user accounts is editing a user's record at the same time that that user is trying to renew their subscription with a credit card, a transaction error can occur. When a credit card transaction is successful, the ClassWeb server will try to update the user's account with the new subscription information. If the record is already locked, the server will not be able to update the account and an error will be recorded and returned to the user (a record locked error). If this happens, the account will have to be renewed manually.

Problems Running This Report
A list of any errors that occurred when creating the payment report. These too should be rare.

Payment Reconciliation
Reconciling the ClassWeb and payment reports is an important way to insure that ClassWeb customers get the subscriptions they have paid for. The next section describes how to remedy a user's account when a problem is found. Here are some things to look for when comparing the two reports: Updating User Records
There are two situations that will require you to manually update a user's account after a successful credit card payment:
  1. If, for some reason, the ClassWeb server was not informed that a sale was successful or if ClassWeb was unable to update the user's account with the new subscription information. In this case, use the Renew link in the user management system to add a year to a subscription. If the new subscription is for a different Account type than the current subscription:

    • If the new subscription has not started yet (most common), fill in the Renewal date field with the start date of the new subscription and set the Renewal account type field with the new account type. Do not adjust the current Account type field. It will be updated automatically by the ClassWeb server on the start date of the new subscription.

    • If the new subscription has already started (uncommon), just change the value of the Account type field.

  2. If an approved payment is subsequently canceled, declined or adjusted, the user's subscription will already have been automatically extended by one year and the account type may have been changed. To fix this, in the user management system, click on the Edit link to update the user's account. There is a separate help page with instructions on How to Un-renew a Subscription.

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