How to Start a New Free 30 Day Trial Subscription
Before you create a new account for this trial subscription, you may want to check whether this person already has an account that you can reactivate.  Directions for activating a trial subscription for an existing account can be found here. A trial account will support up to 30 simultaneous users logged into Classification Web at the same time.

To create a new account, click on the Start a New Free 30 Day Trial Subscription link on the Account Management Menu and fill in all of the required fields on this form.  A complete description of all of the account management fields can be found here.

The system will calculate the starting and expiration dates for a 30 day subscription using today's date as the starting point.  If the subscription does not start today, enter a different starting and expiration dates.  Remember that the expiration date is one day before the anniversary of the start date.  So, if a subscription starts on January 1, it should expire on January 30.

When you are finished filling in the form, complete the creation of this account by clicking on the Save button  When you save a new account record, a new password will be generated for the account and the account information will be emailed to each email address listed in this record.

If you change your mind, you can cancel the creation of this account by clicking on the Cancel button.  If you decide to cancel, do not use your browser's Back button or close the account editing window.  Keep in mind that if you don't interact with this system for a period of two hours, the server will terminate your session.  If this happens while you are creating an account record, you will not be able to save the record and you  will have to re-enter the account information.

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