How to Un-renew a Subscription

If the situation arises where a payment that was applied to an account is subsequently rejected, you will need to either cancel the account (if this was a new subscription) or undo the changes to the account (if it was a renewal). For all new subscriptions, follow the directions for canceling a subscription. The rest of this help page only applies to undoing a subscription renewal.

Because the problem account might have been renewed at a different subscription level (the maximum number of simultaneous users) than before, you must determine what the old "Account type" was. Here are some ways of doing this:


  1. Click on the Search for an Active or Expired Account link on the Account Management Menu and locate the account you want to fix.
  2. Click on the Edit button for that account.
  3. Make sure the Account type field is set to the old subscription level.
  4. Subtract one year from the Expiration date field.
  5. Subtract one year from the Agreement expires field. This is the second-to-last field on the input form.
  6. Clear the Renewal date field if it is filled in.
  7. You can leave the Renewal account type field alone. It is ignored as long as the Renewal date field is blank.
  8. Save the record. No email notification will be sent to the contact people for this account.

If you make any mistakes before you save the record, click on the Cancel button and start again. If you decide to cancel, do not use your browser's "Back" button or close the account editing window. Keep in mind that if you don't interact with this system for a period of two hours, the server will terminate your session. If this happens while you are editing an account record, you will not be able to save the record and you will have to re-enter the changes again.

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