Class Web Pilot extended through May 2001!!! - Survey responses wanted

Cheryl Calista Cook ccoo at
Mon Mar 26 16:23:06 EST 2001

Class Web Pilot users,

Good news!  Because of the enthusiastic interest in Classification
Web, the Cataloging Distribution Service will keep the pilot test
running until the end of May 2001.  During the next two months CDS
will be making final decisions concerning the viability of Class Web
as a fee-for-service product as well as the nature of pricing and
delivery mechanisms.

To help CDS in this decision process, additional feedback from pilot
users is essential.  Responses to the recent survey have been
extremely positive, but out of over 4000 pilot users, thus far we have
received fewer than 400 completed surveys. If you are interested in
making Classification Web a success, now is the time to make your
voice heard!

Access the Classification Web survey from the Class Web homepage at
 or directly at

Thank you and happy Webbing for the next two months!

Cheryl C. Cook
Pilot Test Coordinator
Cataloging Distribution Service
Library of Congress

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