Classification Web is Moving

ClassWeb Support classweb at
Mon May 14 14:07:24 EDT 2001

On Saturday May 19th, the Classification Web site will be moving to a new
server. The announcement and user-group mailing lists will be moving as
well. The new web address (URL) and email addresses will not be released
until after the site has been moved. The move will impact you in the
following ways:

1) The Classification Web site will not be available for some part of
Saturday May 19th (Eastern Time). While the site is being moved, you will
not be able to access the site or submit user-group messages. Anyone using
the site when the switchover begins will be unable to continue their

2) Everyone who is signed up for the announcement and user group email lists
at the time of the move will receive a new welcome message from each list
they are subscribed to. You should keep these messages for future reference
and delete any old welcome messages you may have. As part of this move, we
will be changing from the Majordomo mailing list package to ListServ. As a
result, you will soon be able to manage your mailing list settings as well
as browse and search the archive of past messages using your web browser.

3) After the site has been moved, we will use the new announcement list to
notify you of the new web address, list addresses and Classweb support email
address. The old site ( will have a web page that provides the
address of and a link to the new site, and will forward any email messages to
the new site.

4) If you have made bookmarks in your web browser, you will need to delete
those bookmarks and create new ones after the move.

5) If you have added any entries to your email address book for the old
site, you will need to replace them with their new values after the move.

No other aspect of the Classification Web site will be changing. You will
continue to log in with the same user name and password, and any local notes
you have created will be transferred for you.

Thank you for helping to make this a smooth transition.


classweb at

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