ClassWeb Has Moved

ClassWeb Support classweb at LOC.GOV
Sat May 19 01:54:27 EDT 2001

The Classification Web site has moved to a new server. The new URL is:

Please update any bookmarks you might have made in your web browser to
reflect the new address. The easiest way to do this is to delete any old
bookmarks and to create new ones.

You will continue to log into Classweb using the same user name and password
as before. Any local notes that you created on the old server have been
moved to the new system. The e-mail address for technical support is now:

    classweb at

Please update your e-mail address book with this new value.

The Classweb announcement and user-group mailing lists have moved as well
and now have slightly different names.  The announcement list has become
"classweb-announce" and the user-group list is now "classweb-users". All
subscribers to the old mailing lists have been subscribed to the new lists.
You should already have received a welcome message from these lists. Please
delete any old welcome messages that you might have saved, as that
information has become obsolete.

There is no longer a separate mailing list for the digest version of the
Classweb user-group list. Instead, it has become a configuration setting
that you can change in your "classweb-users" list account. Anyone who was
signed up for the digest version of the old mailing list will receive the
"classweb-users" postings in digest form.

As part of the change in servers, there is now a web interface to the
mailing lists. You can view the archive of old messages and manage your
mailing list account (like signing up and leaving lists, as well as viewing
and changing your list settings) using your web browser. More information on
the mailing lists can be found here:

Thank you again for helping to make this a smooth transition.


classweb at

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