Exporting authority records

Cheryl Calista Cook ccoo at LOC.GOV
Tue Aug 13 12:29:41 EDT 2002

Corrections to this earlier email. The URL for Web Authorities is
HTTP://authorities.loc.gov and it includes subject authorities along
with names.

Cheryl C. Cook


You are correct that there is currently no ability to download MARC
records off of Class Web.  We do have that on our enhancement list for
the next year, however.  At present your best bet with Class Web would
be to copy-and-paste off of the MARC record display.

You might also want to try a LC pilot site called "Web Authorities."
It is at HTTP://authroities.loc.gov.  LC's contract with Endeavor
includes allowing access to name and series authority records from the
OPAC.  "Web Authorities" is a first effort in that area.  The up side of
"Web Authorities" is you can download MARC records.  The down side is
that it only allows a right-truncated phrase searches,  ot doesn't offer
a thesaurus style display and it doesn't  include the full LC character

See what you think.

Cheryl C. Cook
Cataloging Distribution Service
Library of Congress

>>>>>> Donnell Whitaker <don.whitaker at USDOJ.GOV> 08/07 11:20 AM >>>

I am the new "kid" on the block and have been through the tutorial (so
gentle).  Classification Web is a fine product and is very useful.
thing I would like to be able to do is export MARC authority records.
this possible?  Am I missing a step somewhere? If not, are there any
to be able to do this in the future?  At the present time, authority
found using Classification Web are ptinted out and (unfortunately)
by hand into our local system.  We have thousands of records to update,
this procedure is not going to work.   Any ideas?

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