Class Web renewal notices

Cheryl Calista Cook ccoo at LOC.GOV
Mon May 19 15:43:09 EDT 2003

Class Web Customers,

As Classification Web reaches its first anniversary as a product, many
of you are beginning to receive renewal notices.  These notices are
machine generated by the Classification Web account management system.
In response to user requests, the notices begin three months before the
subscription expires to allow customers sufficient time to complete
their acquisitions processing.   The messages are sent every two weeks
to assure that they are not missed due to vacation leave, etc. and they
stop when an account is either renewed or it expires.

Because these notices are the result of software programming, it is
difficult to alter their distribution on an account-by-account basis.
If you continue to receive notices after your have contacted CDS
concerning the status of your subscription, just delete them.

You should also be assured that early renewal does not negatively
impact the length of your subscription period.  Your renewed
subscription begins the day after the old one expires and continues for
a full year after that date.

Cheryl C. Cook
Cataloging Distribution Service
Library of Congress

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