Taking advantage of new Class Web features

Cheryl Calista Cook ccoo at LOC.GOV
Mon Aug 2 13:29:06 EDT 2004

Class Web Customers,

You may have noticed two new features have been added to Class Web in 2004.  These are:

*       The permanent LC OPAC bibliographic link.
*       The inclusion of the LC/Dewey correlations.

You may want to take an opportunity to become more familiar with these new tools.  The benefit of the LC OPAC link is that it connects you directly to the LC catalog.  Class Web users can view actual instances of cataloging records using a specific classification.  Because this link is to the live OPAC, the bibliographic records you access are exactly what LC staff sees. 

The LC/Dewey correlations are an asset to both LC and Dewey classifying libraries.  Libraries that classify their collections with LC classification can use the correlations to find LC equivalents to Dewey classification numbers.  This comes in handy when using cataloging copy or converting older, local cataloging records which only carry Dewey classification numbers. 

Dewey classifying libraries can use the correlations by starting with LC classification numbers or LC subject headings and finding corresponding Dewey numbers as they have been applied in LC bibliographic records.  Subscribers to OCLC's WebDewey service can even link through to find the most current application of the Dewey classification numbers found in the search results.

For additional information of how to use these new tools see the attached PDF file. ftp://ftp.loc.gov/pub/cds/ClassWeb/CWFeatures.PDF 

Cheryl C. Cook
Cataloging Distribution Service
Library of Congress

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