[Classweb-announce] Class Web enhancement - Automatic secondary table selection in classes H and N

Cheryl Calista Cook ccoo at loc.gov
Thu Aug 18 16:41:55 EDT 2005

Classification Web Users,

You may have noticed a recent enhancement to Classification Web.  It became available around ALA Annual but, as yet, hasn't received much fanfare.  It is no longer necessary to choose which secondary table to use in classes H and N.

Previously, when a user selected a specific country from the primary table in classes H and N, Class Web displayed a menu listing several secondary tables, and the user was required to select the appropriate secondary table based on how many numbers were assigned to the country in question.  

Now, with the enhanced and hierarchy browsers, it is no longer necessary to select a  secondary table from a menu.  When the user clicks on a hot-linked country, Class Web automatically selects the appropriate secondary table and displays the breakdown for that country, with fully calculated classification numbers.  

The user no longer needs to notice how many numbers a country has been assigned,  risk inadvertently selecting the wrong secondary table, and being presented with a display of incorrect classification numbers.  A single click now takes the user from a topic in the classification schedule to the breakdown of that topic by countries, and another click takes the user directly from any country in the list to the appropriate secondary breakdown for that country.

The standard browser works in a similar way, except that numbers are not calculated.  When a user clicks on the "T" link beside the country of choice, the appropriate secondary table is displayed automatically, with no need for the user select the table from a menu.

For further information on this feature, you may want to check the Class Web Quick Start tutorial at http://classificationweb.net/tutorial/4enhance.html#secondary 

Cheryl C. Cook
Classification Web Product Manager
Cataloging Distribution Service
Library of Congress

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