[Classweb-announce] Unicode test platform is now available

Cheryl Calista Cook ccoo at loc.gov
Mon Dec 5 10:22:07 EST 2005

Class Web Subscribers,

The test platform for the Classification Web is now available at 

See the information below concerning the test.

Cheryl C. Cook
Library of Congress

Class Web subscribers,

The LC Cataloging Distribution Service is currently finalizing testing an upgrade to the underlying  Classification Web software.  

There will be NO CHANGE to the overall look and feel of the Class Web interface at this juncture except:
1) The system response time should be faster.
2) It will now be possible to view the full range of characters available in Unicode display.
3) The new software platform will facilitate a wider range of enhancement options in the future.

As part of the testing process for this version, CDS would like to offer all current Class Web customers FREE ACCESS for the purpose of:
1) Verifying response time improvements with production level volume of system traffic.
2) Assuring full functionality with the complete range of customer hardware and software platforms. 
3) Giving users an opportunity to view the new, more extensive character display options.  An example of non-Roman characters added to classification captions can be viewed at BQ1290-1300.

IMPORTANT: To correctly view the full Unicode display, those customers using Microsoft Internet Explorer will need to change their browser to font to Arial Unicode MSl.  Check the bottom of this email for instructions on how to make this change.

The URL for this test platform is and it will be available from December 5- December 18, 2005.

During the test of the new software platform:
1) All of your current logon procedures should work as they do currently.
2) You will have the same concurrent user access that you do on your production account. 
3) As with he production server, however, people without current accounts will not be able to access the system.
4) As passwords work for either server, the same degree of discretion should be used in providing access as you do with your current account.
5) Remember that any changes you make  to "preferences" on the test server will NOT carry over to the production server.

We would really appreciate having Class Web customers give the software upgrade a full workout because the more extensive the testing, the greater opportunity there will be to assure that all systems are go when the upgrade becomes the production interface.

To facilitate the collection of feedback, please forward all comments to the Class Web support email address at support at classificationweb.net 

Enjoy the additional access on the test platform at URL  for the period of December 5- December 18, 2005.

All feedback you can provide will be greatly appreciated and will go a long way to assuring a successful rollout of this important product enhancement.

Cheryl C. Cook
Library of Congress

The steps for changing the display font for MSIE:

1) At the top of the window on the MSIE menu, click on "Tools" and select "Internet Options...".

2) Near the bottom of the dialog box, click on the button labeled "Fonts" to display your font choices.

3) In the drop down box titled "Language script" make sure that "Latin based" is selected.

4) Select a font from the list in the box on the left hand side of the dialog box. The best choice is "Arial Unicode MS". If that selection is not displayed, try "Lucida Sans Unicode".

5) Click on the "OK" button on each screen to save your choices and return to main Web browser display.

Those customers without Arial Unicode MS, should note that "Lucida Sans Unicode" is not as complete as "Arial Unicode MS" and is bold faced but users may  prefer it over the default font of "Arial".  Another option is to use a Netscape,  Mozilla or Firefox browser. All of these products do a very nice job of displaying diacritics using the regular "Arial" font.

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