[Classweb-announce] Switch to new Class Web Platform

Geoff Mottram gmottram at minaretsoftware.com
Mon Dec 19 07:25:22 EST 2005

If you are receiving unexpected error messages (like "No table has been 
selected") as a result of the switch to the new Class Web software, it 
is most likely because the format of the URLs has changed slightly in 
the upgrade. This will also affect any bookmarks you have that take you 
beyond the Class Web menus and directly into one of the databases.

To insure a smooth transition to the new Class Web software, please 
access the web site from one of the following starting points 
(especially if you are getting error messages):

The home page:

The main menu:

The auto-login menu:

Please update any bookmarks that take you directly into a database or a 
login screen with a new version that has been generated by the updated 
Class Web software.

Thank you.

Geoff Mottram
Minaret Corp.
gmottram at minaretsoftware.com

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