[Classweb-announce] Auto Login on the new server

Cheryl Calista Cook ccoo at loc.gov
Tue Mar 1 18:02:34 EST 2005

Class Web Customers,

Several people have emailed CDS with concerns about whether the new
server will allow for auto login using IP address.  Please be assured
that all of your current access options will continue with the new

To access Classification Web with username and password (Manual Login),
use the base URL of http://classificationweb.net 

To access Classification Web using Auto Login (based on IP address
range) use http://classificationweb.net/Auto/ 

You may also toggle between types of access by clicking on a link at
the left bottom of the Main Menu page.  If you are in password mode
(Manual Login), click on the "Auto Login Menu" link to get to Auto
Login.  If you are Auto Login mode and want to switch the password
access, click on the  "Manual Login Menu" link. [Auto Login will, of
course, only work if you are in IP address range for your account.]

I hope you are all enjoying having test access to the new server.  We
look forward to offering this new commercial level server support to our

Cheryl C. Cook
Cataloging Distribution Service
Library of Congress

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