[Classweb-users] National bibliography calls no. for Russia

Roman Frackowski rfrackow at rci.rutgers.edu
Fri Apr 1 13:51:44 EST 2005

Please look at the class numbers for  National bibliography for Russia in
Schedule Z:

Z2491.A1           Bibliography of bibliography   [H R B L S N]
Z2491.A2-Z         General works   [H R B L S N]
Z2491.A2        Theory, method, etc.   [H R B L S N]
Z2491.A3-Z      General bibliography

It looks to me that item 2 and 4 above are the same (although there is a
minor overlap at A2 and A3 which is probably due to a mistake that could be
eliminated by making item 2 look like item 4 and thus not to interfere
with item 3. Perhaps reducing item 2 and 4 one item would help?
By the way, what's the difference between "Bibliography-general works" and
"General bibliography"?
My best,

Roman Frackowski
Library Associate I, Cataloger
Rutgers University Libraries
New Brunswick-Piscataway Campus
New Jersey, USA

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