[Classweb-users] KF9708

Kathy Winzer kwinzer at stanford.edu
Thu Apr 14 19:02:49 EDT 2005

The number KF9708 is no longer valid.  In checking the number in ClassWeb, 
it brings up the message:  "Cannot deconstruct KF9708 using parent record 
KF9701-KF9710 and rule 3."

We wondered if this could this be changed to bring up the KF9701-KF9710 
numbers in parentheses?

Kathy Winzerr

Kathy Winzer
Catalog Librarian
Robert Crown Law Library
Stanford University
Stanford, CA  94305-8612

e-mail:  kwinzer at stanford.edu
phone: 650-723-0343     fax: 650-723-8657

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