[Classweb-users] G7962.H5 (CT 96238582) versus G7963.H6 (CT 00265842) in Classification web

Paul G Weiss pwei at loc.gov
Wed Aug 3 08:30:24 EDT 2005

Thank you for reporting this problem.  We were unaware of the duplication of numbers for Hokkaido.  We'll cancel G7963.H6 and replace it with a see reference to H7962.H5 so that all maps of Hokkaido will class in that number.

Paul Weiss
Cataloging Policy and Support Office
Library of Congress

>>> Hideyuki Morimoto <hm2106 at columbia.edu> 08/01/05 3:27 PM >>>
The caption for G7962.H5 in Classification web (CT 96238582) has the 

    $z G7962 $a .H5 $h Japan. Regions, natural features, islands,
    etc. $j Hokkaido

with $j entered as "Hokkaido," with the last date of transaction of this 
record specified as May 24, 1995.

In turn, the caption for G7963.H6 in Classification web (CT 00265842) has 
the following:

    $z G7963 $a .H6 $h Japan. Prefectures (Ken), etc. $j Hokkaido

with $j also entered as "Hokkaido," with the last date of transaction of 
this record specified as Mar. 6, 2003.

While it is recognized that G7962 is for islands, etc. and that G7963 is 
for prefectures, it is wondered how these two LC classification numbers 
G7962.H5 and G7963.H6, both for Hokkaido, should actually be 
differentiated in assignment from each other.  According to Columbia 
gazetteer of the world online (viewed Aug. 1, 2005), the Island of 
Hokkaido is "coterminous with Hokkaido prefecture."

Thank you very much.

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