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Roman Frackowski rfrackow at rci.rutgers.edu
Thu Aug 4 11:14:41 EDT 2005

Is there any classification available for particular laws of particular
republics (not Russia as a whole) of Russian Federation after 1992?
For example if you have a collection of current environmental laws for the
Republic of Karelia, or any other republic like Chechnia, Iakutsia, etc.
one has to go to the laws of Russian Federation as a whole and use
KLB3129.A4 or KLB3129.A46 for provincial legislation unless I am missing
something. There is no problem to find a class number for current
particular laws of Russian cities (e.g. KLB5100.6 for environmental law of
Arkhangelsk after 1992, or KLB5350.6 for environmental law of Moscow after
1992) but there is a problem with the republics, regions, oblasts, lands
(krai)! I think it is a great omission. It could be easily fixed by adding
the names of the republics, regions, etc. and corresponding class numbers
to the list under "Eurasia: Russia (Federation1, 1992- )" "Cities,
communities, etc. in Russia" with subarrangements by the same Table
KL-KWX9 (see the beginning of the list at KLB5100). Perhaps the latter
heading should begin with "Republics, krais, oblasts, cities ....." rather
than "Cities, .....". Or is it intended to put the names of the republics
in the list beginnign with KLB5100 and assign the class number accordingly
and follow the pattern of Table KL-KWX9 for particular laws? - e.g. for
Karelia's environmental laws it would be KLB5212.6 and for Karelia's public
health legislation it would be KLB5212.54?
  Will appreciate your early reply,

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