[Classweb-users] BV3457.N4 in Classification web (CF 95322446)

Hideyuki Morimoto hm2106 at columbia.edu
Mon Aug 8 18:08:22 EDT 2005

The classification number for BV3457.N4 (CF 95322446) has the following 

    $a BV3457.N4 $h Practical Theology $h Missions $h Missions
    in individual countries $h Asia. The Orient. The East
    $h Eastern Asia $h Japan $h Biography $h Individual, A-Z
    $j Nessima, Joseph Hardy

with |j entered as "Nessima, Joseph Hardy."

However, the pre-AACR2 form of this individual is:

    Neesima, Joseph Hardy, |d 1843-1890

    <The last name is spelt "Neesima," rather than "Nessima,"
    i.e., double "e" and single "s," rather than single "e"
    and double "s.">

according to LC NAR LCCN n  82109987:

    008 821120n| acannaab |a aaa
    010 __ |a n  82109987
    040 __ |a DLC |c DLC
    100 10 |a Niijima, J¯o, |d 1843-1890.
    400 10 |w nna |a Neesima, Joseph Hardy, |d 1843-1890.
    400 10 |a Niijima, Yuzuru, |d 1843-1890
    400 10 |a Neesima, Simata, |d 1843-1890
    400 10 |a Neesima, Shimeta, |d 1843-1890
    400 10 |a Niishima, Joseph Hardy, |d 1843-1890

Thank you very much.

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