[Classweb-users] ND1053.6?

Milicent K Wewerka mwew at loc.gov
Tue Aug 9 10:12:27 EDT 2005

A number will be added to Table N5 so that ND1053.6 will be an authorized number for special aspects and movements.  Similar numbers will also be added for some other time periods.

Milicent Wewerka
Cataloging Policy and Support Office
Library of Congress

>>> Kay Teel <kteel at stanford.edu> 08/08/05 5:18 PM >>>
Is there a currently valid number at ND1053.6 for Special aspects or 
movements of Japanese painting for the pre-19th century period? (For 
example, ND1053.6 .K36 for the Kano School of painting.)

We find several books in LC's catalog using this number -- one as recent as 
2004 -- and we would like to continue using it in our shelflist, but the 
number does not appear in Classification Web's Hierarchy Browser or 
Enhanced Browser.

If the number is no longer valid, the pre-19th century is the only period 
division under Japanese painting that doesn't have a number for Special 
aspects or movements. Should special movements of pre-19th century Japanese 
painting now be classed with the general numbers by era?

Thank you for your assistance.

Kay Teel
Serials Catalog Librarian and Cataloger for the Arts
Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources
kteel at stanford.edu 

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