[Classweb-users] HD1421-1425

Rita Nuxoll RNUXOLL at boisestate.edu
Thu Aug 18 15:33:07 EDT 2005

Forwarding for a colleague.  Thanks!

>>> Cheri Folkner 08/18/05 11:55 AM >>>

These set of numbers (HD1421-1425) appear indented under Developing countries (HD1417) in both classweb and the print version of the H schedule indicating to use this for agricultural statistics on developing countries.  The 153 field in the class web record for HD1421 $c HD1425 has $h Industries. Land use. Labor $h Agricultural economics $h Collected works (nonserial) $j Statistics.  So it appears that it does not apply to just developing countries.  It appears that the indentation needs to be removed or the 153 needs to be changed.

Cheri Folkner
CheriFolker at boisestate.edu 

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