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Michael.Borries at domino1.cuny.edu Michael.Borries at domino1.cuny.edu
Tue Aug 23 15:01:31 EDT 2005

I have a puzzle.  I am trying to find a call number for this subject
heading that fits book in hand, entitled Television sports production.  It
covers the technical aspects of televising a sports event, such as camera
set-up, etc.

Through a subject search in LC's catalog, and then doing a call number
search on the numbers found, I came up with GV719.  However, this is not
listed in the current version of Classification Web, so I am not sure if it
is currently used.  If it is, it seems to take two cutters, but it is not
clear to me how these are assigned.

The title did have copy, and a Dewey number was assigned.  Searching in
ClassWeb under the Dewey number for the LC, I came up with PN 1992.8,
which, despite the caption, really seems to be the number used for nearly
all types of broadcasts (in fact, "Pyramids (Gymnastics) is there under
PN1992.8.P95), but nothing here for sports. PN1992.75 is television
broadcasting generally, but this seems to broad a classification.

Any suggestions?

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