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Hi Jim,

Unfortunately, all literary authors are not included in the P schedules.
LC has guidelines for the printing of individual literary names in the
classification schedules. According to section F632 of the Subject
Cataloging Manual: Classification, the following are the specific
instances when individual literary authors and their numbers are printed
in the P schedules:

*   literary authors whose name changes significantly due to changes in
cataloging rules, marital status, etc. ...
*   literary authors born before 1875
*   literary authors who have pseudonyms, regardless of date of birth
*   anonymous works published before 1899

According to the guidelines above, a number of famous literary authors
from the 20th and 21st centuries are not printed, including Hemingway,
Faulkner, and others.

Generally, the best place to find numbers for individuals not listed is
to check their name authority record. In many cases, the classification
number for that particular author will be listed in the 053 field of the
name authority record. For example, if you look at the name authority
record for Ernest Hemingway, you will find an 053 field with the
classification number assigned to him (PS3515.E37).

If the name record does not include an 053 field, I have found that it
is often helpful to search LC's online catalog and see if they have
established a classification number for a particular author.

So, I guess the short answer is that many of these numbers simply don't
appear on ClassWeb or in the printed schedules.

I hope this helps!!



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When a famous author, e.g. Hemingway, is missing from Classweb (at least
from the Standard Classification Browser) where am I supposed to find
the name? I have a list that was put out several years ago by Brigham
Young which includes Hemingway and other authors not listed in the
Standard Classification Browser, but is there some place Classweb where
I can find them?


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