[Classweb-users] B765.B5 and B765.B53

alastair.boyd at utoronto.ca alastair.boyd at utoronto.ca
Wed Dec 7 16:33:27 EST 2005

There seems to be an overlap at B765.B5- .B54 for Bernard de 
Clairvaux followed by B765.B53-.B534 for Bernard de Tricia.

The same table (B-BJ5) is used to expand both these numbers. But 
because the first base number is a single digit and the second base 
number is two digits, it looks as if it is possible to build a number 
for Bernard de Clairvaux that is the same as the base number for 
Bernard de Tricia (i.e.  B53), or to even to create numbers that will 
*follow* Bernard de Tricia (e.g. B54).

Perhaps I misunderstand what the schedule is saying. If so, can 
anyone set me straight?  

Thanks for any help, 

Alastair Boyd
Music Cataloguing Supervisor
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Robarts Library, Room 7016
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