[Classweb-users] new Class Web software

Cynthia Lange cgl2 at cornell.edu
Fri Dec 16 11:12:15 EST 2005

I have been trying out the new Class Web test software since Dec. 6. 
Although I encountered a few login problems on Dec. 6th and 7th, everything 
has worked well since. The non-Roman characters added to classification 
captions at BQ1290-1300 displayed correctly.  That capability is a great 

One area in which the new software did not seem to match expectations, 
however, was the response time; on several occasions I compared it to the 
current Class Web system and did searches (mostly Hierarchy Classification 
browser comparisons, but also Standard browser and LC classification to 
subject heading correlations). In each of the comparisons the test system 
was slightly slower (e.g., 2 or sometimes 3 seconds rather than 1 second).

Thank you for the opportunity to test the new software.

Cynthia Lange

Olin Library
Cornell University Library

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