[Classweb-users] After-school programs

Judith M. Shelton LIBJMS at langate.gsu.edu
Thu Jul 14 12:00:59 EDT 2005

There is an LCSH for "After-school programs" with a link to the call no. range LC34-LC34.8.  When I click on the link, there is no such no. in the classification schedule.  I believe it is a recent no., not an obsolete one, because LC used LC34.4 on a book published in 2005 (LCCN 2004-30627).  How can I discover what the nos. in the range represent.  I have a local dissertation on "An after school program incorporating cooperative learning" to catalog and I believe this would be the appropriate classification.


Judith M. Shelton, Asst. Head, Catalog Dept.
University Library, Georgia State University

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