[Classweb-users] Creating and accessing local notes

Martin David Kelleher martind at liverpool.ac.uk
Tue Jun 21 05:20:50 EDT 2005

We just use the one username and password for everything, I believe, with 
multiple logins. Any notes added in regarding local practice should 
presumably be valid for everybody, and so we prefer that there is only 1 
note file.

On the whole, however, we rarely use this function. Any amendments are only 
added in after general agreement, and we've not experienced any cases of 
reckless misuse.

Best wishes

Martin Kelleher
Senior Library Assistant
Bibliographic Services
University Of Liverpool

--On 21 June 2005 16:56 +1200 James Cordes 
<james.cordes at library.otago.ac.nz> wrote:

> We are new to Classification Web and want our cataloguers to be able to
> create or see local classification notes.
> After investigating the ClassWeb User Archive, it appears that we can
> only create and see notes by using our administrative username and
> password.  (This is clear from Cheryl Cooks email to the list in 2003.)
> *    Is this still so -- for both creating and seeing notes?
> *    Are there any plans to spit off administrative functions from the
> notes creation function?
> *    How are libraries dealing with this?
> Thanks in advance for your advise.
> James Cordes
>  From Cheryl Cook (23 June 2003):
>> How were you accessing Class Web?  In order to create notes you must
>> use your account's administrative username and password.  If you use IP
>> address access or the read-only password you will not see the "N" on
>> your screen.
>> The restriction on access to notes was set up because each Class Web
>> account only has one notes file. It was thought that institutions would
>> prefer to have some control with regard to who makes and changes notes
>> to that will display to everyone using that account.
>> During Pilot testing most users indicated that they would most likely
>> use the notes fields to indicate local cataloging practices which would
>> be site-wide concerns.
>> Cheryl C. Cook
>> Cataloging Distribution Service
>> Library of Congress
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