[Classweb-users] Strange subject correlations in Class browse search

Paul G Weiss pwei at loc.gov
Thu Mar 3 09:02:12 EST 2005

As explained in the Class Web Quick Start tutorial, the correlations
feature is based on the common occurrence of subject headings and
CATALOG.  There is a series of books in the LC catalog by Theresa
Halzle, with the titles "Spirit of play: Soccer," "Spirit of play:
Football," "Spirit of play: Dance," Spirit of play: Basketball," and
"Spirit of play: Baseball."  Each of these books includes biblical
quotations that are relevant to the particular sport or activity.  They
are all classed in BS391.3.  That is the reason why the correlations
feature displays these subject headings in connection with that class

The tutorial also explains that the number in parentheses following
each heading shows the number of bibliographic items in the LC catalog
that have that heading as the first heading and that are classed in that
number.  Obviously, a large number would indicate a strong correlation
between the heading and the classification number and a small number
would be an indication more of coincidence than correlation.  In this
instance, the heading that you cite are all followed by the number (1). 
This would not indicate a strong correlation between the heading and the
classification number.  Since this is a recently established
classification number with only a small number of items currently
classed in it, there is not yet a strong correlation between ANY subject
heading and this particular number.  

When using the correlations feature, it is important to understand
exactly how it works so that the results of a search can be interpreted
correctly.  A simplified explanation of the principles behind it can be
found in the tutorial at

Paul Weiss
Cataloging Policy and Support Office
Library of Congress

>>> "Burke, Patricia" <PBurke at vts.edu> 03/02/05 3:42 PM >>>
The following item was found in Subject Correlations for the class
number BS391.3:
LC Class/Subject Correlations Search

=class_sub&index=class_sub')>   [B <javascript:Bib('BS391.3')>  L
<javascript:LCSH('BS391.3')>  D <javascript:Corr('BS391.3',
'ClassDewey', 'class_dewey')>  C
<javascript:Browser('&table=schedules&span=BS391.3')> ]
      Baseball--Pictorial works. (1)  [L
<javascript:LCSH('Baseball--Pictorial&p;20works.', 1)>  D
<javascript:Corr('Baseball--Pictorial&p;20works.', 'DeweySub',
'subject')>  S <javascript:Corr('Baseball--Pictorial&p;20works.',
'ClassSub', 'subject')> ]
      Basketball--Pictorial works. (1)  [L
<javascript:LCSH('Basketball--Pictorial&p;20works.', 1)>  D
<javascript:Corr('Basketball--Pictorial&p;20works.', 'DeweySub',
'subject')>  S <javascript:Corr('Basketball--Pictorial&p;20works.',
'ClassSub', 'subject')> ]
      Christian biography. (1)  [L
<javascript:LCSH('Christian&p;20biography.', 1)>  D
<javascript:Corr('Christian&p;20biography.', 'DeweySub', 'subject')> 
<javascript:Corr('Christian&p;20biography.', 'ClassSub', 'subject')> ]
      Dance--Pictorial works. (1)  [L
<javascript:LCSH('Dance--Pictorial&p;20works.', 1)>  D
<javascript:Corr('Dance--Pictorial&p;20works.', 'DeweySub',
S <javascript:Corr('Dance--Pictorial&p;20works.', 'ClassSub',
'subject')> ]
      Football--Pictorial works. (1)  [L
<javascript:LCSH('Football--Pictorial&p;20works.', 1)>  D
<javascript:Corr('Football--Pictorial&p;20works.', 'DeweySub',
'subject')>  S <javascript:Corr('Football--Pictorial&p;20works.',
'ClassSub', 'subject')> ]
      God--Promises. (1)  [L <javascript:LCSH('God--Promises.', 1)>  D
<javascript:Corr('God--Promises.', 'DeweySub', 'subject')>  S
<javascript:Corr('God--Promises.', 'ClassSub', 'subject')> ]
      Soccer--Pictorial works. (1)  [L
<javascript:LCSH('Soccer--Pictorial&p;20works.', 1)>  D
<javascript:Corr('Soccer--Pictorial&p;20works.', 'DeweySub',
S <javascript:Corr('Soccer--Pictorial&p;20works.', 'ClassSub',
'subject')> ]

I think some of the correlations are a bit off.
-- Pat
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