[Classweb-users] Belarusian literature--20th century

Roman Frackowski rfrackow at rci.rutgers.edu
Mon Mar 7 16:20:00 EST 2005

LC applies PG2834.335 class number for Belarusian literature--20th
century--History and criticism in its bib records. However in the LC
ClassWeb online there is no such a class number; instead there is a kind
of a gap between PG2834.33 for the general history and criticism of 19th
century Belarusian literature and PG2834.34  for the general works of 21st
century Belarusian literature. But for the 20th century general works on
Belarusian literature there is nothing. If it has been done on purpose
then why LC uses this PG2834.335, a  "nonexistent" in the ClassWeb class
number in its bibrecords?

Roman Frackowski
Library Associate I, Cataloger
Rutgers University Libraries
New Brunswick-Piscataway Campus
New Jersey, USA

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