[Classweb-users] "Jefferson Bible"--use LC classweb call no. or influential recent edition's LC-assigned call no.?

James Adler james_adler at harvard.edu
Tue Mar 22 11:36:41 EST 2005

We received a new edition of the "Jefferson Bible," Thomas Jefferson's
rationalistic abridgement N.T. and traditional Unitarian Universalist text.
It's also called "The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth.

(Incidentally, the GPO used to print the Jefferson Bible and it used to be
given to every new US Senator.)

LC/Classweb has for it the call no. BS2549.J3 - 5-- under versions of the
Bible -- which it is.  But LC classified the standard modern users' edition
(pub.by the Unitarian Universalist publisher Beacon Press in 1989) as
BT304.95.J44 ,  under "Jesus Christ-rationalistic interpretations" --which
it also is.  Because the 1989 version is an influential and widely held
edition, its call no. has influenced that of more recent editions.

Which is LC recommending?  What are we to assume when there is such
particularity in the classification schedule/classweb down to the name
"Jefferson Bible": That the LC cataloger of the 1989 edition disagreed with
the LC classification no. and thought the BT one better and should supercede
it, or that he or she just didn't see the LC class schedule no.?

In short, what should more recent editions get-- and also what should all
editions get if we want to put all editions together on the shelf?  I.e.,
what's "more LC"?

Thanks for the help on this.

James Adler
Andover-Harvard Theological Library
james_adler at harvard.edu

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