[Classweb-users] Searching tables

Robert Blanchet Robert.Blanchet at bibl.ulaval.ca
Thu May 5 14:57:21 EDT 2005

Le 14:37 2005-05-05,Paul G Weiss écrit:
>The table number is P-PZ41, not PZ41.
>Paul Weiss
>Cataloging Policy and Support Office
>Library of Congress
> >>> Gene Fieg <gfieg at cst.edu> 05/05/05 2:21 PM >>>
>Maybe I am missing something here, but when I type in PZ41 for the literary
>table I get a list of chemical elements.
>Gene Fieg
>Claremont School of Theology
>gfieg at cst.edu

I think that Mr. Fieg have typed PZ41 in the Table browser instead of the 
Schedules browser.

Robert Blanchet,
Universite Laval,
Quebec, Canada. 

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