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Paul G Weiss pwei at loc.gov
Tue May 17 10:55:48 EDT 2005

The Class Web software developer has just completed a system upgrade that should have corrected this problem.

Paul Weiss
Cataloging Policy and Support Office
Library of Congress

>>> Bryan Baldus <bryan.baldus at quality-books.com> 05/16/05 11:38 AM >>>
When searching ClassWeb using the Juvenile Subject Search option, for
example on 'cottonmouth', if I click the 'Search' button (or hit 'Enter'
after typing in the query and forgetting to press 'Tab' to select 'Browse'),
the only result is the LCSH record for Agkistrodon piscivorus. However, if I
browse for 'cottonmouth', I'm directed to the AC heading 'Water moccasin.'
Is this expected behavior? In conducting searches, somehow I was able to
bring up a results page containing the records for both the LCSH and AC
term, perhaps after browsing for cottonmouth and then clicking the search

Thank you for your assistance,

Bryan Baldus
Quality Books Inc.
The Best of America's Independent Presses
bryan.baldus at quality-books.com 
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