[Classweb-users] help with pz-40 tables

Steven Arakawa steven.arakawa at yale.edu
Thu Nov 3 08:39:06 EST 2005

Dave, our library has recently posted web documentation for belletristic 
authors. We used to have a lot of nonstandard practices and the 
documentation was intended to help catalogers follow current LC practice, 
insofar as we understand it. I'd also welcome any corrections.

General overview:


Within that document, the section on PZ40:


Table of examples:


Steven Arakawa

At 05:15 AM 11/3/2005, davea at thornton.saco.org wrote:

>         I am just learning how to use LC classification and the Cutter 
> tables.  Is
>there a source of information, non subscription, that can help one understand
>how to apply the tables in Classification Web?  Specifically, how do you apply
>the pz40 tables?  When given P-PZ40 .xZ5-.xZ999    General works,     how do
>cutter the Z5-Z999?
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