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    Below is a copy of an email first sent to the Autocat 
list back in August of '98 by Gene Kinnaly at LC (I have his 
permission to post this). I've found it very useful over the 
past few years, as it is a good guide to follow.

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Subject: Re: Cuttering
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 1998 15:39:35 -0400
From: Gene Kinnaly <gkin at loc.gov>
Reply-To: Gene Kinnaly <gkin at loc.gov>

On Fri, 7 Aug 1998, Mary Howarth wrote:

> I need help on the "Z" cuttering for authors' bios in PS.
> Is there a schedule on-line?

We have used a couple of informal tables in our shelflisting 
of materials arranged by Table 40.  I don't know if this is 
online anywhere.

1) Biography and criticism. General works.  .xZ5-999

  main entry beginning      use:

   A-B                      Z5-599
   C-H                      Z6-699
   I-N                      Z7-799
   O-T                      Z8-899
   U-Z                      Z9-999

2) Separate works. By title.  .xA61-Z458

  title beginning with:     use:

   a number                 A612-A618
   Aa-Af                    A62-69
   Ag-Al                    A7-79
   Am-Ar                    A8-89
   As-Az                    A9-99

   Za-Zd                    Z2-29
   Ze-Zl                    Z3-39
   Zm-Zz                    Z4-458

I hope this helps.

-- Gene

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