[Classweb-users] Hierarchy browser ND ranges/captions

Kay Teel kteel at stanford.edu
Fri Nov 4 11:03:58 EST 2005

In the Hierarchy Browser, under Painting--History there is:

"ND140-164  Medieval"
I believe it should say "ND140-146  Medieval" because ND146 is the 
last indented topic under Medieval painting. And ND164 would overlap 
the range for Modern painting -- which is also a problem:

"ND160-1114 Modern
ND197  Buddhist painting
(ND198)  Islamic painting
ND199  Jewish painting
ND201-1114  Special regions or countries"

All of these captions are at the same indentation, and the Regions 
and countries arrangement is not limited to Modern painting. The 
"ND160-1114" implies that everything between ND160 and ND1114 is just 
Modern painting, but I don't believe that's correct (cf. ND503 for 
Austrian Medieval, Gothic, and Romanesque painting). The last number 
under the broad period division Modern painting seems to be ND196.4.

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