[Classweb-users] PK2139 problem

Cynthia Lange cgl2 at cornell.edu
Fri Nov 18 14:21:41 EST 2005

There seems to be a problem with the link for "Table P-PZ26" under the 
following classification for
Hindi literature. Local. Outside of India. Europe:

By region or country, A-Z   [<JavaScript:top.RowClick(0, 1)>H 
<JavaScript:top.Bib('PK2139.A')>B <JavaScript:top.LCSH('PK2139.A-Z')>L 
<JavaScript:top.Corr('PK2139.A', 'ClassDewey', 'class_dewey')>D 
<JavaScript:top.Corr('PK2139.A', 'ClassSub', 'class_sub')>S]
Subarrange each by <JavaScript:top.GoTo('gteq', 
1)>Table P-PZ26

When I click on the link I am sent to a screen which is blank except for a 
message saying, "This is the first page".

Thank you.

Cynthia Lange

Library Technical Services
Olin Library
Cornell University

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