[Classweb-users] Table KJ-KKZ1 85-292 History of law

dlslter at umich.edu dlslter at umich.edu
Mon Nov 7 13:09:20 EST 2005

My question regards Table KJ-KKZ1 85-292, history of law. This section 
contains a subdivision, By period. Only one period is covered, KJ-KKZ1 
124-292, medieval and early modern periods (to ca. 1800). (It is noted that 
ancient and early history is covered in KJ.) The next number after 292 in 
the table is 440, where the section on philosophy, jurisprudence, and 
theory of law begins. Is there any intention to add numbers following 292 
to cover post-1800 history?
Diana Slaughter
Law Library
The University of Michigan

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