[Classweb-users] BJ1611.3?

Laurence Creider lcreider at lib.NMSU.Edu
Mon Oct 3 11:04:55 EDT 2005

OCLC record 60742152, with lccn 2005049938 is a CIP record for Jody Ellis 
ABCs of successful living.  The record was input in OCLC on June 01 of 
this year.  BJ1611.2 is for books on success in English published after 
1951-     I assume that BJ1611.3 would be for books published 2001- , but 
I have been unable to find the number in Classweb, our paper schedules or 
any of the LCC weekly lists from 2005.  Is this a valid number?  Thanks.

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