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Paul G Weiss pwei at loc.gov
Wed Oct 26 14:24:29 EDT 2005

When you click on the hyperlinked caption "United States (West Virginia)" at KFW1201-1799, Class Web will generate the full range of numbers derived from Table KFA-KFZ.  Until you click that caption, it displays only the numbers that are established in the schedule, not those generated by the table.

On the other hand, if you use a table-generated number such as KFW10 as the initial point of your search, Class Web generates the number and displays it immediately.

See the Quick Start Tutorial chapter on the enhanced browser for an explanation of how this works:


Paul Weiss
Cataloging Policy and Support Office
Library of Congress

>>> "Karen Nuckolls" <Karen.Nuckolls at mail.wvu.edu> 10/26/05 1:50 PM >>>
When I systematically search through the schedules beginning with
KFW1201 for WV law, it ends with KFW1245.2 and then Washington (State)
laws begin.

Yet, I can enter KFW1410 and access all the rest of WV law.  I think
this is a problem, No?


Karen Nuckolls

Karen A. Nuckolls
Head of Technical Services
West Virginia University 
George R. Farmer, Jr. Law Library
One Law Center Drive, PO Box 6135
Morgantown,  WV  26506-6135
Phone: 304-293-6847
FAX:  304-293-6020
Karen.Nuckolls at mail.wvu.edu 
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