[Classweb-users] New Class Web enhancements

Paul G Weiss pwei at loc.gov
Thu Apr 27 09:08:01 EDT 2006

This is to announce two significant new enhancements to Classification Web:

(1) The classification schedules and tables databases are now being updated daily instead of weekly.  This means that newly approved or changed classification numbers will appear in Class Web within twenty four hours after they have been entered in the official Library of Congress production database.  Class Web now provides the most up-to-the-minute access to LC classification data available anywhere.  The LC subject headings database and the various LC Classification/LC Subject Heading/Dewey correlations databases continue to be updated weekly.

(2) A recent upgrade to the software that supports Class Web enables the display of non-Roman characters.  The LC Cataloging Policy and Support Office has undertaken several projects to add non-Roman characters to classification captions that are proper names.  The first of these projects, for Buddhist sacred literature, has been completed.  Chinese characters are now displayed after their Romanized counterparts for most captions in the range of BQ1100-3340.  Similar projects are now underway to add Chinese characters to individual authors established in subclass PL and to Chinese legal sources and place names established in subclasses KNN and KNQ.  These projects are expected to be completed within the next several months.

Paul Weiss
Cataloging Policy and Support Office
Library of Congress

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