[Classweb-users] LF3823.5 link

Alastair Boyd alastair.boyd at utoronto.ca
Mon Feb 20 15:14:07 EST 2006

In the enhanced browser, (LF3823.5) appears in parentheses as an 
obsolete number, presumably. It is followed by a somewhat cryptic 
"see" link:  

  see 19.5

If you click on that, you end up at ZA5190.  But what you really want 
is to be guided to LF3839.5 further down the page.

This is all built from Table L10, where we find (L10 3.5) given in 
brackets, with a see link to "19.5".

Should the hyperlink be removed in the Table etc.? The reference is 
just to a number further down the page, whether in the Table, or in 
the Enhanced browser number built from the table. 


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