[Classweb-users] Hierarchy browser problem?

William Guthrie wguthrie at uwo.ca
Thu Feb 23 13:57:59 EST 2006


I am including a query from a colleague for your consideration 
concerning the Hierarchy Browser.

There seems to be a conflict between the call number ranges assigned to 
Groundwater hydrology, other regions and countries table (GB1029-1198) 
and the classifications GB1197.6 for Groundwater exploration, GB1197.7 
for Ground water flow, and GB1197.8 for Saltwater encroachment/salinity
My immediate concern is with the correct classification for Ground water 
flow. Following the other regions and countries table (GB1029-1198), the 
classification range GB1197-1198 seems to apply only to Ground water 
hydrology in Antarctica.

Thank you in advance.

William Guthrie
Cataloguing Librarian
University of Western Ontario Libraries
London ON., Canada

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