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Paul G Weiss pwei at loc.gov
Mon Feb 27 16:22:44 EST 2006

Since the work was written and published in the 19th century, KZ2507 seems appropriate.

Paul Weiss
Cataloging Policy and Support Office
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>>> "Robert C. Richards" <rcr8z at unix.mail.virginia.edu> 02/27/06 3:59 PM >>>

I have a question regarding the proper KZ number for works on public
international law written by Baker, Sherston, Sir, 1846-1923.  ClassWeb
appears to class these works at KZ3211.  Yet LC appears recently to have
classified Baker's First Steps in International Law (1899) at KZ2507.B35 :
LCCN: 10017119, OCLC: 4654300.
Which number is correct?

Thank you.

-- Robert Richards


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