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Paul G Weiss pwei at loc.gov
Tue Jan 3 13:00:46 EST 2006

The numbers that come up in Class Web correlations are extracted from actual bibliographic records in the Library of Congress online catalog.  In this case, a nonexistent number was erroneously assigned to a bibliographic record - it should have been QL677.3, as you suggest.  We'll correct the bibliographic record.  Once that process has been completed, the Class Web correlation will be automatically updated as well.  Thanks for reporting the error.

Paul Weiss
Cataloging Policy and Support Office
Library of Congress

>>> "Laura Gricius-West" <LaWest at anselm.edu> 01/03/06 12:27 PM >>>
I am wondering if there is a typographical error in the LC Class/Subject correlation page for the subject Birds--Speciation. Here's what I get:
Birds--Speciation. <javascript:Command('&cmd=goto&fkid=1&fkey=Birds_2D_2DSpeciation_2E_00&table=subject&index=subject')>   [ L <javascript:LCSH('Birds--Speciation.', 1)>  D <javascript:Corr('Birds--Speciation.', 'DeweySub', 'subjectHeading')> ]
       QL667.3 <javascript:Browser('&table=schedules&span=QL667.3')>  (1)  [ B <javascript:Bib('QL667.3')>  L <javascript:LCSH('QL667.3')>  D <javascript:Corr('QL667.3', 'ClassDewey', 'lcDewey')>  S <javascript:Corr('QL667.3', 'ClassSub', 'classSubject')> ]
If you click on the link above, it takes you to:
 <javascript:top.GoTo('up', '&span=QL667.3&max=0&key=_00QL667_00_009_00', null)> Zoology--  <javascript:top.GoTo('up', '&span=QL667.3&max=1&key=_00QL667_00_009_00', null)> Chordates. Vertebrates--  <javascript:top.GoTo('up', '&span=QL667.3&max=2&key=_00QL667_00_009_00', null)> Reptiles and amphibians--  <javascript:top.GoTo('up', '&span=QL667.3&max=3&key=_00QL667_00_009_00', null)> Systematic divisions--  <javascript:top.GoTo('up', '&span=QL667.3&max=4&key=_00QL667_00_009_00', null)> Amphibians--General works, treatises, and textbooks.
I think the class should be QL677.3, right?
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