[Classweb-users] Query ClassWeb's subject/class correlation via a program

Vitus Tang vtang at stanford.edu
Tue Jan 24 12:07:36 EST 2006


I am trying to find out whether ClassWeb can be queried by another machine 
instead of a human user using the Web interface. We are contemplating a 
project to add LC classification numbers to a large number of records that 
do not have them but do have LC subject headings, and are wondering whether 
we can write a program to do that by making use of ClassWeb's LC 
class/subject correlation feature. If it is possible to do that, could you 
point me to documentation about query syntax and the format of returned 
results. If not, is there plan to provide such service in the future?


Vitus Tang
Head, Data & Materials Control
Stanford University Libraries
vtang at stanford.edu - (650) 725-1153

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