[Classweb-users] CS769 direction

Rachael Agnew rachael.agnew at gmail.com
Fri Jun 2 14:47:14 EDT 2006

Could I have this direction clarified please.
  CS769.A-Z Individual, A-Z   [H <javascript:top.RowClick(0, 1)>
B <javascript:top.Bib('CS769.A')> L <javascript:top.LCSH('CS769.A-Z')>
D<javascript:top.Corr('CS769.A', 'ClassDewey', 'lcDewey')>
S <javascript:top.Corr('CS769.A', 'ClassSub', 'classSubject')>]
Under each, assign 2 successive Cutter numbers as follows:
 Periodicals. Serials
 General works. By date
Is something missing?

Rachael Agnew

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