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Milicent K Wewerka mwew at loc.gov
Fri Jun 2 15:26:21 EDT 2006

Instructions for successive Cutter numbers provide for adjacent Cutter numbers by either of two methods.  The Cutter number may be extended so that you have .C74 and .C742 or the Cutter numbers may follow each other as in .C74 and .C75.  This provision is used in several places in the genealogy classification in subclass CS because the general works on a family are subarranged by date.  Subarrangement by date does not work for periodicals so an adjacent, preceding Cutter number is used for the serial works.

Milicent Wewerka, Cataloging Policy and Support Office, Library of Congress

>>> "Rachael Agnew" <rachael.agnew at gmail.com> 06/02/06 2:47 PM >>>
Could I have this direction clarified please.
  CS769.A-Z Individual, A-Z
Under each, assign 2 successive Cutter numbers as follows:
 Periodicals. Serials
 General works. By date
Is something missing?

Rachael Agnew
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