[Classweb-users] Tip for Firefox users

Geoff Mottram gmottram at minaretsoftware.com
Mon Mar 6 18:28:01 EST 2006

Walt Stumper wrote:
> Any hope that ClassWeb will eventually allow opening of pages as a tab
> instead of new windows?  Especially now that IE will support tabs.  
> I imagine this involves changing all the underlying javascript behavior
> or ???

To implement this from the ClassWeb side of things would take quite a 
bit of recoding. In addition, such a change would require making this a 
choice a user could set in their preferences.

However, if you are a Firefox user, there is a way to configure your 
browser to open all new windows as tabs instead. The steps are 
documented here:


Tabbed browsing is a new feature in Internet Explorer 7, which is still 
in beta testing. The lack of support for tabbed browsing in MSIE had 
prevented its use in ClassWeb in the past. Once MSIE 7 is released, we 
can revisit the question of how tabs can be most effectively used.

Geoff Mottram
Minaret Corp.
gmottram at minaretsoftware.com

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